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Fidelity card

The fidelity card, created as a sign of gratitude for our most loyal customers has had great success and many have already benefitted from the voucher of € 500.00 to be spent on a holiday or beauty treatment at the Leading Relax Hotel Maria in Moena.

It’s very easy to collect points: staying in one of our elegant rooms, having a beauty treatment at Aquarena Wellness Centre or booking a table in our restaurant, and enjoying our good cooking.

Consult the following regulation, come to Leading Relax Hotel Maria and begin collecting points. Your voucher can also be passed on to friends!

Regolamento Fidelity Card

  • La Fidelity Card del Leading Relax Hotel Maria è uno strumento di fidelizzazione della clientela, creato per premiare l’ospite fedele.
  • Non ha scadenza e offre solo vantaggi.
  • La card viene rilasciata solo a persone maggiorenni.
  • Viene rilasciata una Fidelity Card per ogni intestatario conto.
  • La card è numerata, nominativa e non cedibile.
  • Eventuali spostamenti di addebiti da un conto all’altro devono essere segnalati prima dell’emissione del conto.

Fidelity Card Regulations

  • Leading Relax Hotel Maria’s Fidelity Card is an instrument created to award loyal customers.
  • It doesn’t have an expiry date and only has advantages.
  • The card is only issued to those over 18 years of age.
  • A Fidelity Card is created for every new account.
  • The card has a name, number and is not transferable.
  • The Hotel must be notified of any debit changes from one account to another before the account is opened.
  • A new up-to-date card is issued after each stay.  By stay is intended a minimum of 2 nights.
  • 50 points are accredited for each stay of a minimum of 2 nights.
  • Every € 50.00 spent in the restaurant is equal to 15 points.
  • Every € 50.00 spent in the beauty centre is equal to 15 points.
  • Every € 50.00 spent on extras (wines and bar) is equal to 15 points.
  • Each time a new client makes a booking at Leading Relax Hotel Maria based on the recommendation of a loyal client, the loyal client will receive a bonus of 100 points.   
  • The name of the loyal client who recommended the hotel to the new client must be given at the time of booking.
  • The accreditation of 100 points to the loyal client will be made at the time the new client checks out.
  • If a guest accumulates 1000 points, he/she will receive a voucher of € 500.00 to spend on a holiday or beauty treatment at the Leading Relax Hotel Maria within 12 months of the date of issue of the voucher.
  • The voucher is transferable.
  • The voucher can be detracted from the overall bill for guests who have not used offers, discount packets or on-line promotions.   On the other hand, such guests can use the voucher to detract extra costs. 
  • The management reserves the right to apply the use of the bonus only at certain times of the year. 
  • Handing in the voucher implies that the points contained on that particular voucher are written off, but any excess points are left on the fidelity card.  
  • Any promotional activity and its relative period of validity or variation shall be communicated by the Leading Relax Hotel Maria through their internet site or by newsletter.
  • A copy of the regulations will be given to the client when the fidelity card is issued.
  • The client may ask for a copy of the regulations at any time.
  • If the card is not used for over 12 months, the Leading Relax Hotel Maria may decide to automatically forfeit it, or cancel it at any time, notifying the client in writing.