Treatment prices

Twin body massage
A relaxing massage for couples that is a unique and unforgettable experience. At the end of the 50 minute massage guests can enjoy a delicious and tasty surprise! 80 min. € 140,00
per couple
Twin luxury body
Body relaxation massage and facial treatment customized for the couple, a real remise en forme from head to toe! 120 min. € 260,00
per couple
Twin body candle massage 
Relaxing massage for body and soul, a real wellness ritual performed with a cosmetic candle. 80 min. € 150,00
Chandra face
Shock line for oily, mixed and skin with impurities, prone to acne and blackheads. 80 min. € 95,00
Kerala body
An overall treatment for the body to prevent and treat lack of tone and elasticity and dry and dehydrated skin. Also great for stretch marks. 80 min. € 100,00
Kerala face  
Ideal treatment for aged tissues, with lack of tone and elasticity, wrinkles, dry skin and poor oxygenation. 80 min. € 100,00
Ox3 face
For skin that is stressed, tired and with discolorations. Restores cell renewal and offers a highly efficient cleansing action. 50 min. € 80.00
Application of bundles of cotton containing selected herbs toasted in custom-made Ayurvedic oil.  Especially useful for relieving pain, joint and muscle stiffness and to combat unsightly fatty deposits. 50 min. € 75,00
80 min. € 95,00
Peel-off Ayurvedic spa
Exclusive facial treatment mask with an immediate lifting effect. 80 min. € 110,00
Oil massage of the head and face, offering extreme relaxation to the mind. 40 min. € 70,00
Sushila face
Shock treatment for skin dehydrated skin, which combines superficial and in-depth action. 80 min. € 100,00
Treatment that induces the sweating of the tissues. First a scrub made from Indian herbs is carried out, and afterward an Ayur mudhich soothes and purifies. 45 min.  € 70,00
Swedana, Tridosha and Shirodhara
Combination of Swedana, a scrub with mud application for a purifying and soothing effect, Tridosha massage, for nourishing, toning and detoxifying, and Shirodhara, an oiling of the head and face for absolute relaxation. 120 min.  € 185,00
During this massage, the dermis is nourished by oil, the muscular structure is toned and tissues are oxygenated, eliminating toxin residue in the body. 50 min. € 65,00
Tridosha and Shirodhara
A combination of Tridosha massage with its nourishing toning and detoxifying effect, and Shirodhara with oiling of the head and face for absolute relaxation. 80 min. € 120,00
Vidja body
Specific soothing and draining treatment, regulates vascular activity for the treatment of sensitive, inflamed skin, and with blemishes caused by insufficient blood microcirculation. 80 min. € 100,00
Vidja face
Shock line moisturizing, nourishing and toning tissues that are sensitive, delicate, and reddened with the presence of rosacea and skin irritation. 80 min. € 95,00
Hot stone massage
The black volcanic stones in contact with the skin play a beneficial action for the muscles and cardiovascular system, leading to a total relaxation of body and mind. 50 min. € 70,00
80 min. € 95,00
Pampering massage
Gentle exfoliation of the body accompanied by a light massage, a relaxing and draining sponging, followed by total relaxation surrounded by the warmth of the water bed. 80 min. € 80,00
Hot stone massage
The black volcanic stones in contact with the skin play a beneficial action for the muscles and cardiovascular system, leading to a total relaxation of body and mind. 50 min. € 70,00
80 min. € 95,00
"Earth and Sky" massage
It begins by treating the feet, "Earth", then goes to the top of the shoulders, arms, chest, neck and head, "Sky," to offer peace and lightness. 50 min. € 70,00
4 hands massage
A massage performed by two operators, who simultaneously stimulate different parts of the body, offering deep and pleasant relaxation. 25 min. € 65.00
45 min. € 110.00
Scalp massage
Dry massage of hair and scalp with finger pressure on the scalp, neck, shoulders and face. Promotes relaxation. 25 min. € 40,00
Massage with custom essential oils
Specific blends of essential oils allow you to make each massage unique and customized. 50 min. € 75,00
Relaxation massage
Massage with pressure, kneading and friction over the entire body to relax tired and stiff muscles and restore lymphatic circulation after sports. 25 min. € 40,00
50 min. € 65,00
Draining massage
Gentle massage with draining oils, which improves blood and lymphatic circulation, eliminating excess toxins. 50 min. € 70,00
Exfoliating massage
Purifying massage that offers glowing skin, eliminating toxins and impurities. 50 min. € 70,00
Lomi Lomi
Ancient practice of massage originating in Polynesia particularly suitable for promoting body-mind integration and to reduce stress. 50 min. € 70,00
80 min. € 95,00
Piroche massage
Effective drainage technique with the aid of suction cup bells in combination with essential oils and natural active ingredients. For draining, toning and cellulite. 50 min. € 70,00
Piroche back massage
Ideal to relax the tense tissues and muscles via the use of suction cup bells in combination with essential oils. 25 min. € 40,00
Relaxation massage
Traditional massage technique that is relaxing, toning and calming. 45 min. € 55.00
Relaxing foot massage
Works on the lower part of the leg, from the knee down to the sole of the foot. Suitable for those with swollen and painful feet. 45 min. € 55,00
Relaxing massage for back or legs
Traditional relaxation massage that works either on the area of the back or legs with the use of precious oils. 25 min. € 35,00
Bioenergetic back massage
Back massage followed by a seaweed wrap using essential oils with soothing and relaxing properties. Ideal for tense tissues and muscles. 50 min. € 70,00
Candle massage
Relaxing massage for the body and mind to be performed alone or for a couple. The light of the candle acts as a colour therapy and the aroma prepares you to relax. Recommended for stress, mental and physical fatigue and lymphatic stagnation. 50 min.  € 70.00 per person
Phyto stem alpenrose - alpine herbs & massage
Treatment includes foot scrub, body massage and body mask based on innovative natural products that protect the skin and increase its resistance for wellbeing with an alpine flair. 55 min. € 70,00
Through the stimulation of the reflex points, the tissues are oxygenated and vascularised, stimulating the internal organs. 45 min. € 65,00
Traditional Thai Massage
This massage combines massage features (manipulation and stimulation of muscles and joints) and acupressure (the application of a deep and constant pressure on specific nerves, tendons and ligaments), acting along the energy channels called Sen, in order to restore posture and the proper circulation of vital energy in the body. The body, finally free from stress and toxins, is pervaded by a feeling of lightness and well-being. Takes place on futons on the floor. 50 min.  € 70,00
80 min. € 100,00
Honey Bath 
Particularly moisturizing, it is indicated for those with extremely dry and dehydrated skin. 25 min. € 40,00
Cleopatra Bath
A moisturizing milk wrap to nourish and smooth the skin. 25 min. € 35.00
Hay bath with Kneipp
A pleasant foot bath with hot and cold water, which improves circulation and prepares the body to the heat of the hay bath. 45 min. € 65.00
Hay bath and relaxing massage
Ideal for those who prefer an overall treatment with a detoxifying and relaxing effect. 80 min. € 100.00
Piroche Mud Pack Yin, Yang, Relax
Three types of mud with different properties to drain and cool (Yin), to heat and cleanse (Yang) and to relax the muscles and mind (Relax). 25 min. € 45.00
Mineral body mask
A special ritual to rejuvenate, relax and give energy to the skin. 25 min. € 40,00
Body scrub
A mechanical scrub to remove excess cells in order to make the skin more receptive to subsequent treatments. 25 min. € 40,00
Baby Massage
A warm and pleasant oiling for sweet pampering for your children. 25 min. € 35.00
Anti-cellulite body wrap, legs and abdomen
Beauty treatment that promotes drainage and modelling action, giving a pleasurable feeling of lightness. 80 min. € 100,00
Anti-cellulite body wrap, legs
Beauty treatment that aims to combat cellulite, promoting microcirculation. 50 min. € 70,00
Body wrap, heavy legs
Beauty treatment that gives a feeling of lightness to tired and heavy-feeling legs. 50 min. € 70,00
Manicure € 25,00
Manicure with paraffin € 38.00
Manicure with semi permanent nail polish € 40.00
Pedicure € 33.00
Pedicure with paraffin € 45.00 
Pedicure with semi permanent nail polish € 49.00 
Phyto stem alpine luxury
Combination of face and body treatment for an energizing day spa. 110 min. € 135.00
Anti-aging hand treatment
Ideal to give the hands a timeless beauty. 45 min. € 50.00
Foot nourishing
Perfect treatment to give new vitality and lightness to the feet. 50 min. € 65.00
Facial Expression natural facelift
Intensive program of beauty designed to combat the formation of wrinkles and protect the skin from premature aging for instant radiance and luminous beauty. 50 min. € 90.00
Manual facial massage
Lymphatic drainage facial massage with special techniques, ideal to reduce puffiness and tone your facial features. 20 min. € 35.00
Mini facial
Special cleansing mask or treatment that renders the skin of the face immediately luminous. 25 min. € 40.00
Phyto stem alpenrose for the face
Treatment with a toning, stimulating and revitalizing effect thanks to an innovative alpine herbal healing complex. 50 min. € 90.00
Facial cleansing
Treatment that leaves the skin pure thanks to the cleansing phase and vapor-ozone for subsequent treatments.  From 50 to 80 min. € 75.00
Piroche luxury treatment
A wonderful treatment of youth dedicated to more mature and demanding skin. 110 min. € 130.00
Aquarena treatment
Specific facial treatment and a relaxing back massage for a perfect combination of beauty and wellness. 80 min. € 110.00
His and hers facial treatment
Treatment that infuses the skin with new energy, making it young and fresh. 50 min. € 85.00
Arms  € 20,00
Depilation back € 25.00
Legs and bikini area € 40.00
Bikini or underarms € 12.00
Partial leg and bikini € 30.00
Partial leg € 20.00
Eyebrows € 12.00
Upper lip € 10.00