Sauna World, like a page out of "Arabian Nights" in one of the best spas in Moena

Discover our wellness centre of Moena and the enchanted reign of saunas. In the heart of the Aquarena spa different types of saunas to suit all needs await you.

From the Tyrolean sauna, a warm dry atmosphere (80 ° -110 ° C) in a rustic wooden hut immersed in the aroma of the high mountains which stimulates the circulation and promotes detoxification of the body, the Roman sudarium (65 ° - 80 ° C) , suitable for those who cannot withstand high temperatures; the herbal bath (55 ° C), with its beneficial combination of heat and selected herbs (45 ° - 48 ° C), the oriental bath with its radiant heat and steam that boosts the immune system; the Rest of the Rising Sun (39 ° C), the "Thepidarium" as it was called in ancient Rome, and the Arctic Paradise, where you can refresh your body, cooled down by invigorating showers.

And finally there is the Kneipp path, hot tropical showers scented with tropical essences, cold fog (5 ° - 6 ° C), three lounge areas with a soft rose fragrance and the Aquarena Vital Bar, a corner where you will find various types of fruit juices at your disposal free of charge, ideal to replenish fluid loss during the use of saunas.

Have we intrigued you? If so, then during your stay, enjoy a refreshing break in our spa in Moena and be amazed!