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Fassa Valley (Val di Fassa) Touristic Routes: Art, Culture and Traditions

Traditions of the Fassa Valley and Trentino

Who is on holiday in Fassa Valley, come back home not only with a marvellous landscape in his eyes, but also with a new culture in his heart.

Each village or old hamlet of the Fiemme Valley or the Fassa Valley bears the traces of a remote history.
Small churches, solitary farm houses, picturesque processions, handicraft shops.

Our traditions are still alive in many humble gestures of our daily lives, from wood-carving to the baking of home-made bread.

The guests of Moena return back home not just with beautiful landscape in their eyes, but also with a newly acquainted culture in their hearts.
Time goes by, but it doesn’t wipe out these treasures, which are and will always be the pillars of our Ladin identity.