Maria Hotel & Spa



Fassa Valley SPA in the Dolomites of Trentino


500 sqm SPA in the Fassa Valley laid out on two floors and top class equipment for your relaxation and well-being.
At the SPA and Beauty Centre Aquarena, in addition to an elegant and generously laid out bathing landscape with whirlpools, you will also find the Sauna World, a veritable paradise of pleasure for your body and soul, in the middle of the mountains of the Fassa Valley, the Dolomites of Trentino.


sauna-tiroleseThe Tyrolean Sauna

A dry sauna at temperatures of 80°-110°C, in Tyrolean country style emanating a scent of high-alpine woods. The tiled stove emits a pleasant heat and creates a delightful atmosphere. The natural fragrances stimulate the circulation and have beneficent effects on the dermis and on the respiratory tracts. The dry climate of this sauna is also indicated for chronic rheumatism and arthritis.


The “Sudario Romano”

This is a gentler form of sauna bathing enjoyed at temperatures of 65°-80°C, the lower heat effects natural sweating, allowing a spontaneous detoxification. This type of sauna is indicated for those who don’t feel comfortable at high temperatures.

bagno-alle-erbeThe Herbal Bath

Already the Romans have known the therapeutic effects of hot spas. The herbal bath is a variation on the steam sauna theme. Selected dry herbs and fragrances in combination with the heat (approx. 55°C) indulges a feeling of incredible well-being and relaxing atmosphere for your body and mind.

bagno-orientaleThe Oriental Steam Bath

This Turkish steam bath at temperatures of 45°-48°C combines in a pleasant way the heat with the steam. The heat is radiated from benches and walls and increases the body temperature, which reinforces the immune system, while you are enjoying a beneficent steam bath. It is also indicated to enhance respiration as well as hydration and cleansing, and it regulates the ph-value of the dermis. By adding some natural essences to the steam you can enjoy a lovely and wholesome aromatic bath.

riposo-sol-levante The “Thepidarium”

The most popular bath in antique times was the Roman “Thepidarium”. The 39°C of these baths cause an artificial increase of the body temperature, an ideal condition for strengthening the defence of the immune system and to fight efficiently against the pathogen agents. This temperature also has a benefic effect on the human psyche.

paradiso-articoThe Arctic Paradise

Refresh your heated body under roaring glacial waters. This tones your muscles and stimulates the circulation.

The Kneipp Pool
Emerging your feet in hot and cold water pools stimulates the circulation of the lower limbs.

doccia-tropicaleThe Tropical showers

Warm showers enriched with tropical essences.

The Cold Fog
Cold fog (5 – 6°C) consisting of a myriad of atomized water particles.


The Aquarena Vitality Bar

In this bar you will find at your disposal at no extra charge various types of herbal infusions and fruit juices to reintegrate the loss of liquids after a sauna bath


Three relaxation areas

Comfortable, rose-scenting rooms for your relaxation, where you can abandon yourself in listening to your body