Loyalty rewarded with the loyalty card!

The loyalty card, created as a sign of gratitude for our faithful guests, has been a great success and there are already many people who have benefited from the €500.00 certificate to spend on a holiday or for beauty treatments at the Leading Relax Hotel Maria of Moena.

Collecting points is very easy, by staying in one of our stylish rooms, during a beauty treatment at the spa or simply at Aquarena, or at the restaurant, while you surrender to the pleasure of good food.

Refer to the following regulations, come to the Leading Relax Hotel Maria and start collecting points. The voucher can also be given to friends!

Regolamento Fidelity Card

  • The Fidelity Card Leading Relax Hotel Maria is a tool for building customer loyalty, created to reward loyal guests.
  • It does not expire and offers only advantages.
  • The card is issued only to adults.
  • Each account holder will be issued a loyalty card.
  • The card is numbered, non-transferable and non-transferable.
  • Any movement of a charge from one account to another must be reported prior to the issuance of the bill.
  • A new updated card will be issued at the end of each stay. The minimum stay is 2 nights.
  • For each minimum stay of 2 nights you will be credited with 50 fixed points.
  • Any expenditure of € 50.00 for the beauty section is equivalent to 15 points.
  •  Any expenditure of € 50.00 for the beauty section is equivalent to 15 points.
  • Each € 50.00 on extras (wines and bar) is equivalent to 15 points.
  • Each time you (loyal client) recommend a new client and they make a booking, and have never stayed at the Leading Relax Hotel Maria, you receive a bonus of 100 points.
  • The name of the loyal client who referred the new client must be given at time of booking.
  • The credit of 100 points to the loyal client will be added upon the check-out of the new client.
  • The guest who reaches 1,000 points is entitled to a voucher of € 500.00 to spend on a stay or beauty treatments at the Leading Relax Hotel Maria within 12 months of issue date of voucher.
  • The issued voucher is transferable.
  • The voucher can be used as a deduction to the bill of the stay by guests who have not benefited from deals, discounted packages or promotions posted online. Alternatively, these guests will be able to use it as a deduction in extra costs.
  • It is the management's option to limit the use of the voucher to certain periods of the year.
  • The withdrawal from the certificate will only result in the elimination of the points for the withdrawal, maintaining the points in excess available to the holder.
  • Each promotional activity and its period of validity, or any change in the regulations will be communicated by Leading Relax Hotel Maria via the website and newsletter.
  • A copy of the regulations is issued to the guest at the time of the first issue of the card.
  • The customer can ask for a copy of the regulations at any time.
  • Failure to use the card for more than 12 months may, at the discretion of the Leading Relax Hotel Maria, result in the automatic forfeiture of the same, and in any case the Leading Relax Hotel Maria reserves the right to cancel or withdraw the card at any time for any reason with simple written communication.