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Music for Wellness and Relax

Rino Capitanata has created the relaxing music for a personal series of Aquarena CDs for the Leading Relax Hotel Maria & Spa. Capitanata, renowned musician in musica-benesserethe field of wellness music and emotional music, has produced wellness and relaxation music for many years and received large-scale recognition and a number of awards.

 Filled with sounds to inspire wellness, restful rhythms and soft harmonies, the CDs are perfect for wellness treatments, beauty and therapeutic massages, or simply to be played as background music, as they offer the perfect way to enjoy soft music that evokes new emotions during your vacations in the Fassa Valley, in our Hotel in Trentino.

The Aquarena series created for the Leading Relax Hotel Maria & Spa of includes three different volumes, each written specifically by the artist with particular musical effects to accompany listeners in a variety of relaxation and wellness environments.

 cd-aquarena02Aquarena CD 2 was written for more intimate moments of relaxation or long journeys by car, with one track running for roughly 53 minutes. Inspired by lounge music, it has a calming, relaxing effect that helps listeners feel at peace with themselves.

Aquarena vol. 2

 cd-aquarena03Aquarena CD 3 is the last in the series and is a tribute to the new Thai massage techniques recently included in the wide range of beauty treatments offered at the Leading Relax Hotel Maria & Spa. After trying the treatments for himself, Capitanata has put the feel and oriental atmosphere that these ancient techniques evoke in sensitive souls to music.

 Aquarena vol. 3

 Click below to listen to the tracks of the three CDs and decide which you like the best.

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