Maria Hotel & Spa


Leading relax

Hotel Maria, its philosophy and… the new logo

Hotel Maria has made wellness its priority. A few years ago, the owners decided to add Leading Relax to the hotel’s name and designed a new logo in the shape of a hexagon, which has historically symbolised balance, inner wellbeing and proportion.
Because of the hotel’s long tradition and deep local roots, the logo was designed in keeping with Fassa Valley (Val di Fassa)’s traditional popular art. In particular, the decorative patterns of wooden artefacts inspired the new symbol.
Wellness and tradition are two added values that the hotel offers, as it combines local flavour with a wide range of services for relaxation and wellbeing, both inside and outside the hotel.

Our revitalized waters according to Grander

logo_granderAt the Hotel Maria all the waters you taste and touch are special ones, and you will be able to recognize this immediately. Mr. Gabriele Dellantonio was among the first hotel owners to experiment and adopt the process of revitalization of water according to Grander.

Revitalized water has the ability to regenerate and depurate itself by the simple contact with treated water, after Johann Grander. The properties of this water are proved by personal experience of the users and range from an enhanced taste, and a higher degree of clarification, to a decreased use of cleaning agents and washing powders, due to a major capability to dissolve them.

There are also numerous advantages of this water in the swimming pool: better microbiological quality, considerable reduction of chlorine, better tolerance for the eyes, as well as less usage of cleaning agents when cleaning the pool.

Download the interviw to Gabriele Dellantonio  (language italian)