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Fidelity card

Fidelity Card Leading Relax Hotel Maria

Win € 500
fidelitycard per clienti affezionati!

The loyalty card lets you earn a voucher worth € 500 which you can put towards overnight stays or beauty treatments once you reach 1,000 points.

Read the regulation below, come to Hotel Maria and begin earning points. You can even share your voucher with friends!

Loyalty Card regulation

• The purpose of the Leading Relax Hotel Maria & Spa card is to increase guest loyalty by awarding points to returning guests.
• It does not expire and it offers only advantages.
• The card is issued only to adults. Each account holder has a loyalty card.
The card is numbered, bears the holder’s name and it is non-transferable.
• Any transfers of charges from one account to another, needs to be notice before the invoice is issued.
• The points earned with the previous fidelity card maintain the same value with the new fidelity card procedure.
A new updated card is issued at the end of at least 2 nights staying.
Every 2 nights staying you will earn 50 points.
• Every € 50 spent for Extra in the Restaurant are worth 15 points.
• Every € 50 spent for beauty treatments are worth 15 points.
• Every € 50 spent for extras (wine) are worth 15 points.
• Every time that the Loyal Guest suggest the Hotel Maria to a new Customer will receive a bonus of 100 points.
• Guests who earn 1,000 points receive a voucher for € 500 to spend for the staying or for beauty treatments at the Leading Relax Hotel Maria & SPA.
• The voucher is transferable.
• When guests receive the voucher, 1,000 points are deducted from the card, and any excess points remain available.
The FIDELIY CARD COUPON can be deducted from a staying which does not include discount or other offers or packages, as an alternative, it is possible to discount the coupon from the Extra charges.
• It is up to the Management Department to limit the use of the coupon during some period of the Year.
• Points are calculated on amounts paid directly in the hotel and do not include amounts paid through intermediaries.
• Leading Relax Hotel Maria & Spa will inform cardholders of any promotional activities and related validity periods or changes in the regulation through the website and newsletter.
• A copy of the regulation is issued to cardholders when they receive their card. It is possible to request another copy of the regulation at any time.
Non-use of the card for over 12 months may result in automatic expiration, and Leading Relax Hotel Maria & Spa reserves the right to cancel or withdraw it at any time for any other reason with written notice.