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Val di Fassa

Val di Fassa Vacations in the heart of the Dolomites

Fassa Valley, or Val di Fassa, is one of the most renowned Holidays touristic destinations for Holidays in Trentino and Vacations in the Dolomites of South Tyrol. Making Holidays in Fassa Valley is one of the best ways to relax and have fun in the Mountains of the Dolomites. With its breathtaking Dolomite peaks and pristine green forests, it is the perfect place for visitors to spend their winter holidays in the snow and summer holidays in an authentically natural atmosphere, with mountain pastures, cabins, trekking and delicious food: your Dolomites Holidays in the Mountains of Trentino South Tyrol will be wonderful!

Geographically, Val di Fassa is located at the far north-eastern edge of Trentino and shares a border with the provinces of Bolzano (in the Alto Adige region) and Belluno (in the Veneto). Travellers arriving from the south reach the valley via the San Lugano Pass and Val di Fiemme, while those from the north arrive via the Costalunga or Sella passes and from the east via the Pordoi, Fedaia and San Pellegrino passes. The Avisio River runs through the valley, passing just outside Hotel Maria and cutting through the Fiemme and Cembra valleys, before flowing into the Adige River near Trento. The entire valley offers a stunning and rare Alpine landscape, and has been named for inclusion in UNESCO’s World Heritage list.

Val di Fassa is a skier’s paradise. Nine ski resorts boast 200 kilometres of slopes and 78 lifts, and cross country routes run for more than 70 kilometres. Countless international, Olympic and worldwide ski events are held here, making Val di Fassa and Fiemme some of the best organised and most ideal locations for prestigious ski events, given their structures, lifts and teams.

In the summer, hikers and trekkers in the area around Cima Bocche, the Lusia lakes, the Sella Pass and the San Pellegrino Pass will find trenches and forts dating back to the World War I battles fought in the Dolomites.

Visitors to the valley will discover a sea of vibrant colour, from the bright green of the woods and flowering fields and the deep blue of the rivers and Alpine lakes to the magical Enrosadira phenomenon, the red dusk that sweeps the valley, creating effects of light that are unique around the world and transforming Val di Fassa into an enchanted garden.


Once over the Valle di Fiemme border, the first town travellers enter is Moena, the largest in Val di Fassa.

Moena lies in an alluvial basin surrounded by some of the most important Dolomite groups, such as Latemar, Valaccia and the Costalunga pass.
Known in Italy and around the world as the “fairy of the Dolomites”, a legacy of the ancient tale of King Laurino and his daughter, Moena owes its fairy tale charm to the rose hue of the peaks that surround it.

The quaint town is well cared for in classic Alpine style and refinement. It is the ideal place for shopping, sports and much more, with architectural gems that have been well maintained and are open to the public, such as the walking tour of tabià, the traditional homes of the valley built completely in wood.

Moena also boasts a local cuisine and its own cheese, Puzzone di Moena. It supports the slow food movement and hosts many culinary events, such as “Dinner with King Laurino” in the winter and “Autumn Flavours” in September.

While the most important summer sports event is the “Val di Fassa Bike Race”, with over 4,500 participants every year, making it Italy’s largest bike marathon, the most famous winter event is “La Marcialonga”, a prestigious international cross country ski race, 37 years in the running, with unparalleled spectator success.

Downhill skiers will enjoy the nearby Tre Valli Ski Area, which takes them to the peaks of Alpe di Lusia and the San Pellegrino Pass.

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