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Aquarena Beauty Centre

An innovative Beauty Centre and tender loving cares for everybody


The beauticians of Aquarena put at your disposal all their experience and their grace and will be delighted to fulfil all your wishes.
Expert hands, using innovative products and precious natural active essences, suitable for every skin type, will take care of you with tailored treatments of extraordinary effectiveness.

Surrender yourself to the beauty and let us guide you through the art of


…stretching out

massaggio hot-stonesthanks to personalized baths with herbal oils and to our different types of massages:

  • Manual massage
  • Hot Stone massage
  • Candle massage



with our intensive and very efficient body and facial treatments.maschera

  • Body: Piroche Seaweed body packs have a draining effect and help reducing the adipose tissues.
  • Body: baths enriched with oenothera biennis returns elasticity and hydration to the dermis.
  • Facial: Peel Off Ayurvedic Spa: a deeper penetration of specific active ingredients for every part of the face, with an immediate smoothing effect.



with a personalized anti-stress programme, combined with:

  • Body and Face Massages
  • Peelings



…Fulfil your Body with our Beauticians Suggestions


  • Combine the Turkish Bath before the Coccole Speziali Treatment



twin-massagge…Rediscover the emotions of being liked and liking

with natural products which are at disposal for our beauty


  • Chocolate Massage
  • Twin Body Massage
  • Secret Rainbow Massage


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